Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo :)

A long time i didn't update right ? Actually miss damn much with this blog and update somethings new :)

,, Okay , maybe it's so late to talk about Exo Comeback , 15.4.2014 right ? But it's okay , i still wanna to say about that .
actually , the time and the day that exo was coming back , is the time that i was exam for USBF 1 , is sooo  suck . .. but i still can watch exo comeback :P  /lolsss\ and the song overdose was really really really awesome ,

actually , i watched , exo comeback in one webs ( but i totally forgot the link ) , its LIVE  from korea . But ''' there is no english subtitle . so , i just can watched without understand what they're saying , but their performance was totally DAEBAKK !! chinca Daebak .. and of course the stadium is full of people and,,,  exo members , were really tcare with them and advice them for do not push each others .

Actually , i don't want to talk much about exo comeback because , i know that you're ready know about this .. OF COURSEE !!! exo comeback was  a trend in the world , okay ??? twitter , was trending about this when exo comeback ( 1542014) isn't ?

but , if you don't watch it yet , click


this web, already hv the subtitle (eng ) , ,

And ,,,, back to the main title ??

actually , i bought , some exo stuff .... and i very very very excited !!!!!!!!!! i hope i can buy more , but , i can't because my money already burn at all . HAHAHAAHA ..

                                                                         EXO STICKER

!!!! AHHHHHHH !!!!! / yellingggg  \

HAHAH ,, driving me crazing ,

Hahaa , maybe not same at all , and you can see the mistake right ?? ahaa , just ignore it okay ?? okay guyss .. lolll ..

My room was full with this stuff .. :D 


Click This if you want to watch Exo Overdose Music Video -- > OVERDOSE

Assalamualaikum .


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  2. Video Overdose tu.... "This video has been removed due to a breach of the Terms of Use" T_T Kat utube takde ke?

  3. wahhh.. you sure has a lot of exo stuff. lucky you :3
    exo hwaitinggg .. :DD


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