The lost planet EXO

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Yehet !! Okay , i think ,all exostans know (even other stans ) know about this consert , THE LOST PLANET EXO . and of course exo planet there .. i think , need not to much talk about this issue because i know already know about it . BTW , i just wanna to share something . interesting for me and for kyungsoo-stans :D


Okay , okay okay . i miss kris oppa . :'( 

omg ~~~ DO dance " machine" was totally awesome + daebak .. ^^

he had a nice voice , okay . melting . /lols\ 

Okay , this is to much ! KAISOO , CHANSOO .. but i most like kaisoo :D wehee .. btw ,i'm very sad bcus their hyung ( kris) not gather with them .

So smart !!!! i love his dance
moonlight xD 

i think , that's all from me , actually many video can you watch in youtube , i just can find out these videos for you that i think good and clear for watching ^^ 

Assalamuaalikum , thank you :D 

Liebster Award (3 Person )

Assalamualaikum . Liebster award again . but i'm sorry i can't follow the rule " tagged 11 people " bcus i don't know to whom i want to tag it . :) sorry . i just can answer the questions only .

This from HANA ( Already late to reply this ,)

1. Your comment about One Direction band. 
- I think not bad , this group also quite good like others .

2. What animal you would be if you're in Hogward.
- owl , same as harry potter

3. Which one do you prefer, Man with clean face or mustache or beard or mustache +  beard? Why?
-clean face . bcus i don't like man with beard neither mustache .

4. What type of children that you would slap right on his/her face. *heartless question sorry*
-annoying person maybe . but not children lah , 

5. If you could see the future, what woulf you hope to see yourself doing in 5 years?
-a doctor and success in my life

6. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs? 
- i don;t know . You can ask their manager .

7. If London Bridge is still standing why is there a song about it falling down? 
-i don;t know .. sorry . :( 

8. What would you do if you could be invisible for one whole day?

9. Do you think you’re attractive? Prove it.
- maybe not to attrative but . boleh laa~~ idk how to prove it .. 

10. What would people hear if they could read your mind? 
-about so maybe liebster award .

11. If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would it be?
- idk .. hahaa .. ( nobody perfect )

Questions from Deana :

Describe your self 
-- introvert person . maybe i'm too attractive in blogging , facebook,twitter etc ( sosial webs ) but not in reallity

Who is your bias . Tell me about him/her .
--- bias ? i'm kpoppers . And of course i'm exotic, exostan, exoplanet member, and my bias is Kyung Soo

Are you a kpoper ? If yes , which kpop group do you love most ? Tell me about them 
----Yurp , i'm kpopper . Of course EXO .. Idk how to describe them. I just love them maybe bcus of their attitude when cooperate with each other.  EXO is the group that very work hard to achieve their ambition ( to be a shining star in the world ) , they always help each other and that's why i love them . ( i'm not saying that other groups not good , but i love them (EXO) aslo because of their performance(s) 

If your bias ask you for a date, where do you wanna go for your date ?
------i don;t know. maybe i just reject him bcus . I know our limit . I Still think about my religion , i'm muslim and he cristian , so ... so like that lah . hahaha

Do you have a wish ? Tell me your big dream 
-----many . and of course success for our life and the hereafter. 

Do you wanna go to Japan / Korea / China ? Tell me why 
----Korea . Because i want to go to Nami Island . That place is soo yephudaa.

What is your favourite song ? Why ?
-----EXO song . All . Because i love their song . Not i mean their voice .. 

Do you like someone (not your bias) ? Tell me about him / her 
----secret . lolx

What do you want for your birthday present ?
----many . IPHONE .. that's my wish . but i know i can't get it . lmao, but seriously 

If haters say to you something bad about your bias/bf , what will you do 
----- flying kick . /easily \ - like jongkook oppa -

What do you think about my blog ? Tell me if I need some improvement for my blog 
---- i think , you don't need to improve anything bcus ur blog is okay right now .

Questions from Aisyah 1 ;'
1. Do you like your school / work / home ? . Why 
- home ( home sweet home)

2. Do you think your life burden you a lot?
-not to much .  life is our responsiblity that Allah gave to us ( muslims)

3. How much time you use to do your hobby? XD
- i don;t hv any time bcus of exam and pt3 .. 

4. Shame of something?
-HAHAA .. yes . but something ~~~ 

5. What your favourite songs?
- exo song . All 

6. Its already 12p.m, and yet you still wake, then suddenly you heard a weird noise and never heard before, how do you act?
- i just take the comforter and close my eye closely .

7. What do you do when you feel someone stalk you?
-just let it go . just stalk lah, what can i do ?

8. What do you feel when your beloved things gone or be stolen?
- angry plus sad .

9. Some things can be settle alone, but somes not? It is right? Why?
- yurp . bcus sometimes , we must do some work together and with others help . 

10. Do you always doing crazy things?
- always.

11. I like to laugh, do you? lol xD
of course .. :D kita gang . sepp 

Questions from Aisyah :

1-Apakah nama samaran anda atau nama panggilan yang sering disebut oleh kawan-kawan atau keluarga anda ?
- Afrina . 

2-Ulangtahun kelahiran ke berapa yang paling anda tidak dapat lupakan . kenapa ?
- I don't remember it specific but when i'm still under 12 years old. i got many present . :D

3-Kenangan disekolah yang anda tidak dapat lupakan .
- many . The most in primary school :D i miss that time.

4-Kalau anda diberi peluang untuk bercuti , kemanakah destinasi pilihan anda ? Kenapa ?
- Kota Suci Makkah , Korea and Paris . Bcus i like these places .

5-Anda lebih gemar artis KPOP atau Indon atau Malay atau selain daripada artis KPOP , Indon dan Malay ? Kenapa ?
- kpop . bcus i love their song . :D ^^ 

6-Beri pendapat anda tentang blog saya .
- Your blog is toooooooooooooooooooo cute . I like the header (0f course ) ^^ 

7-Kalau anda kaya , apakah tindakan anda untuk memanfaatkan kekayaan anda ?
- i buy anything . /lmao\  - so greedlah me .-

8-Dalam ahli keluarga anda , siapakah yang paling rapat dengan anda ? Berikan alasan .
-my mom and my sister.

9-Gambarkan sahabat baik anda .
- i can't gv it sory .

10-Jika anda mempunyai peluang atau kuasa untuk putarkan masa , waktu bilakah yang anda pilih ? Mengapa ?
- idk . maybe since i'm at kindergarten . 

11-Sejak bila anda berblogging ? Kenapa anda berblogging ?
-  since 2010 or 2011 , not sure . 

Liebster Award by Ain Najwa

Assalamualaikum and hye . Last day , i checked my cbox and read the latest guests that came to my blog . And actually , many people were tagging me for this liebster award .. And actually , i like to play this game ( mean , to answer others questions that gave to us ) but , i don't hve time to open my blog every time and update anything . And of course bcus of mid term exam (ptt) .. so now, ptt was over ( but i know pt3 always waiting for me ) .. .. HAHA .. so, i just spending my free time right now for blogging for a little while , can i ?

Okay , let stop my 'mukadimah' and continue with the main point about this liebster award . Actually , i was been tagged by FOUR people ... so i think four five times to join or not . And because i'm so boring right now . I decided to join it and answering all the questions , insya-Allah. 

Okay , this liebster award from Ain Najwa 

Lets proceed to the rules :
  • Mention the person who nominate you with her/his link to the website.
  • Answer all the eleven questions asked.
  • Nominate other eleven bloggers.
  • Create eleven questions for them to answer.
  • Notify your nominees.

These are questions that Ain Najwa gave to me 

  1. What's your favorite slang word?
-  IDK

  1. If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

  1. Can you recommend anything to read? Novel or comic or magazine?
- Novel . Cinta sedingin mint and sweet sour . But actually , these novel not the latest one , but the novel were totally daebak and awesome . i think , you should read it too :) 

  1. If you were given a time machine to travel backwards in time, what mistake that you would want to rectify?
- Actually i think , the past is past . So, even i make any mistake that make me regret for the future, i don't need the time machine because i must learn from the mistake that i have done and must improve it a lot. . 

  1. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
- i hope i can success successful in this world and in the hereafter, Amin . And of course w/ my beloved parents & family.

  1. Who is your idol of success?
- Rasullullah S.A.W

  1. Where do you want to spend a great holiday or vacation?
- korea maybe .:) And of course Kota Suci Makkah :D Insya-Allah one day .

  1. What kind of things that annoy you a lot?
-  when someone scold me . >.<

  1. What is your favourite song? Who is the singer?
- All exo song . And of course exo k and m 

  1. There is an elderly and a friend drowned in the river? Who do you help first?
- idk , i can't imagine that .

  1. Paste a picture or gif that are hilarious to you.

ya , kyung soo sshi .. do whei gurrey ?? do kenchana ?


1. Durring this holiday " 2 weeks " what are you gonna do ? trip with ur family or what else ?

2. are you kpopper or not ? if yes , since when ?
3. which group do you like the most ?
4. If you had a change to meet bias , for live ( face to face ) but you must pay rm 100 , do you like to pay or just let it go and give the change to anybody else ?
5.Paste a picture or gif that are hilarious to you. ( about ur crush / bias )
6. When you cry , WHO's the person that always persuade ( pujuk ) you until you feel more better ?
7. If you had a change to go to somewhere else with only one person . Who's the person .
8.What's the story that you like the most ? About romantic drama , horror movie, comedy or else ? tell me why ?
9 . Did you hv monopod ? you always selfie with who ?
10 .If you're rich girl/boy , what do you want first . 
11. please complete this blank .


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Skin / Kris EXO

Assalamualaikum . Fina sendiri tak tahu apa tujuan fina menaip sekarang ni . -,- mungkin bosan yang sudah tahap gabannya .. xD lol , ni lah padahnya bila habis exam . Lepas tu malas nak study , tapi tak tahu nak buat ape . Bila mak suruh baca buku , " ala , orang baru habis exam . Lek ah dulu " .. tapi last last gaduh bosan .

-,- that's me !

Sebenarnya fina terfikir jugak nak tukar skin . Fina ni memang cepat bosan dengan blog sendiri . Tapi satu lagi penyakit yang bercampur aduknya , fina malas nak edit blog . Kalau nak edit tu , mesti ade mood yang menjelma datang . Mesti ada time yang sesuai . Tak adalah bila nak edit , nak buat tu lah nak buat ni lah . Nak buat bende lain lah . Fina kalau nak buat tu , fina nak tumpukan betul betul .. Dan pembantu utamanya tentulah Wifi yang tolonglah sentiasa be nice dengan den ni  ye ..

tapi fina kalau nak edit ni , kadang kadang tu mesti idea hilang . Sometimes , fina rasa . Fina dah malas nak edit blog dah . Cukuplah dengan blog ala ala missrainxx fina ni . Ala ala hujan gitu . Tapi tulah .Bosan asyik menghadap blog yang sama.

fina ingat nak tukar skin ,, tapi fina tak ada ideaa !!!! PLEASE GIVE ME AN IDEA !!!
okay , fina dah naik meroyan dah nii O.O

kaylah . takada apa pun nak cakap sebenarnya . Just can i say . Support our galaxy (kris) and our exo okay :) Don't spread any ridiculous rumors and don't to much things about it .

i say like that because many people already make me angry with the RIDICULOUS rumors . Spread the rumors even that're not true statement . You know what i mean . please be matured guys . You spread this rumors will be down exo reputation okay ? You don't even know the truth but you already make some descision like you know all things already.

So, please. Stop it . Stop spread any rumors . Just wait for the official announcement . Just keep calm and wait , isn't easy for you ?

I'm telling you guys like this because i know what do you felt . I know you miss our galaxy . But just don't be to OVERDOSE and TO MUCH ..

Assalamualaikum and annyeong :) Take a note and always think positive .


Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Okay , Alhamdulillah , dah habis pun mid term exam . Baru lah boleh bernafas sikit rasanya .. kalau tak , rasa nak pecah otak ni hafal sume bende .. -,- .. Arghh .. tapi rasanya cuti dua minggu ni pun bukannya boleh wat lekk lagi , study tu kena study jugak . Tapi selamatlah mid term sebelum exam .. kalau tak , time cuti nanti , memang masuk hospital gila terus .. stress dengan exam .. nanti cuti ni , ada lah rasa lapang sikit ..

dan masa lapang ni lah jugak fina akan UPDATE blog banyak banyak .. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

so that , fina akan puas .. lol .. actually , fina dah lama and rindu gila nak update tutorial , freebies ke .. even dah berlambak lambak orang uodate tutorial dah , fina tetap nk update jugak , sebab fina rasa bende tu hobby . ( ape yang hobby nya pun entahlah )

btw , fina update ni pun sebab fina bosan .. /lolss \ .. 

Happy Baekhyun day

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Okay , straight to the point  , HappyBaekhyunDay :D I hope you always happy with ur members , ( but i'm think so ) . ... i think , you're so sporting and very cheerful 'kid' .. because you always make me laugh with ur wacky and aegyo things in exoshowtime , first box, comeback, and many funny moment in youtube . You and chanyeol like a good combination .. and i think, without you and chanyeol , this group (exo) , uncomplete and  not perfect !!! your voice make me melting ( especially the first part in overdose song ) ,,,  and i think , your vocal is toooooo high b'cus you always yelling and yelling when singing .

I hope you can work harder and harder for maintain ur group for being number one kpop in the world , but dont forget  about ur health and stay healthy , don't work header until you get hurt okay :D
kyeoptaa ~~

 (lol , i know that baekhyun will not read my 'essay' .. )

this is my favourite picture of him

very very very cute and sporting plus gedikkk kid . kyeopta gileee .. aegyooo ..

still remember , exo showtime , ep 4 , when baekhyun gave chen , his cutiess picture for present .. lol .. xD i'm yours .. xxxDD

okay okay .. stop it me .. btw , HappyBaekhyunDay,, HappyKkaebsonggDay .. :D 

Assalamualaikum and annyeong .