Follow button dan follow widget

Assalamualaikum . Straight to the point . Fina nak cakap yang fina tak boleh nak follow blog sesiapa pakai follower button . Sebab follower button ni ada limit . Fina hanya boleh terus follow blog dengan pakai follower widget je . Sebab tu ada sesetengah blog , bila fina blogwalking fina tak follow. Sebab blog tu tak ada follower widget .

Sebab tu follower widget ni penting untuk letak dlm blog . Follower widget ni takada limit .

e.g follower button

e.g follower widget

hmm, jadi klau dekat cbox tu ada yang minta fina follow back , tapi dalam blog dia tak ada follower widget , memang fina tak boleh nak follow . Mohon maaf ye /bow/

Fina takut ada salah faham bila fina tak follow blog korang . Fina memang nak follow tapi ada limit . Fina pun kadang kadang geram jugak tak dapat nak follow .

Assalamualaikum .


Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Hmm , macam yang semua dah tahu , hari ni hari last day sekolah . Rindu rasanya dah setahun bersama kelas baru . 3 azalea . Hmm, macam macam perasaan ada. Tambah lagi nak tinggalkan kawan kawan yang akan pindah sekolah . Kalau nak masuk form 4 ni , mesti semua dah ada hal tuju masing masing . Ada nak pindah sbp lah , ade nak pindah mrsm lah , dan nak pindah sekolah lah . Tambah lagi macam kawan kawan baik fina . Ade 2 orang yang akan pindah sekolah lain .

Fina still tak dapat nak bayangkan hidup fina nnti tanpe diaorang . Dia orang je pun yg fina ade . Tanpe dia orang , fina rasa fina akan sentiasa kesepian . Lonely. Fina bukan yang jenis banyak cakap . Seriously , perangai fina lain kalau nak di bandingkan daripada di laman sosial dan realiti . Kalau korang kenal fina secara personal, korang mesti rasa " eh lainnya dia dekat twitter, blog, insta, fb and so on "

Btw fina tetap beruntung sbb dpt jdi kwn baik dyorg . sbb fina rasa dia orang je yang faham fina . Fina rasa fina akan kesunyian lepas ni . Selama ni dia orang je pun yang luangkan masa dengan fina dan buang fina rasa fina tak keseorangan . Tapi lepas ni tak tahu la pulak . Mungkin fina akan rasa di belengung rasa kesunyian keseorang .

haha, senyum je la yang mampu . Fina sebenarnya rasa belum bersedia nak masuk form 4 ni . Fina masih tak tahu bidang mana yang fina nak masuk . Fina keliru !!! tidakkkk !! Fina rasa 2015 ni fina akan sentiasa rasa keseorangan . Fina harap tak menjejaskan result spm fina .

Hmm , fina tak nak tukar sekolah . Sbb ape ? sbb fina masih belum bersedia nak duduk asrama. Hari tu fina dah mohon mrsm . tapi fina batalkan sbb fina rasa klau fina dapat pun , fina tak kan terima . hahaa , pelik en hidup fina .

Fina rasa fina tak boleh berfikir secara matang lagi dalam menentukan sesuatu keputusan . Fina masih was was dan tak ada keyakinan nak tentukan . Fina cuma takut sesuatu keputusan yang fina buat tu akan buatkan fina menyesal di kemudian hari . Tapi memang selalunya macam tu pun . Fina selalunya akan menyesal . Astagfirullah al azim .

Entahlah , mungkin ni semua takdir Allah . Fina hanya merancang tapi Allah yang tentukan .

:) btw ,  dah lah , sampai sini je kut . Assalamualaikum :)


Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo ;) Lamanya tak update . hahaha , ingatkan lepas pt3 , akan makin aktif, tapi tak jugak . haha . Tapi hari ni rasa rajin pulak nak update post . Fina sebenarnya nak cakap pasal instagram . sape sini ade instagram . angkat tangan. oke tak nampak pun . Kalau sape sape kat sini ade insta , rajin rajin lah follow fina . hehehe , tak paksa pun . 


aha , mesti ade yang pelik knpe nme insta macam tu . sbenarnya , tu nama panggilan fina dekat rumah . fina tau jauh gile beza afrina dengan arien ,  tapi dah satu family panggil macam tu , nak buat macam mana . hahha .

Fina baru lagi buat insta ni , personal insta fina - @sqxyto .  lagi pelik en name . haha , actually x tahu nk letak name ape sbenarnya . dah berapa kali tukar pun dh tk ingat .

okay , gambar semua merepek repek . haha ..  kay tu je . malas lah nak tulis panjang panjang . btw , exo-L  jgn lupe vote exo . kekalkan no.1 . (no fanwar) tapi please exo-L banggakan exo K and exo M . hahaha  :)

Fighting , exo bergantung pada exo-L je sekarang ni untuk vote SETIAP HARI . tak susah pun nak vote


OKAYLAH  . Assalamualaikum . :)


Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyoooo  !!! Kay kay kay seriously excited ! maigad maigaddd .. hahaaa .. picture up there shows everything . FREEDOMM !!! say whaaatt ?? FREEDOMMM !! hahahaa .. lol

freedom from what ? 

what else ? PT3 is over !! so i can release tension w/ everything that i cant do before . 

Sounds crazy right ? lol , that's me . And seriously im very tension with this big examination , PT3 . So, today , starts from today , i hv planned to do everything that i can't do before .

- watching korean drama
- watching my fav variety shows ' running man ' , 'weekly idol' 'roommate' apinkshowtime' and many !!
- sleep ( yeah ? im not sleep-well bcus of pt3 tho )
- exo exo exo exo exo
- kyung soo kyung soo kyung soo
- the fault in our star's book doesn't reach yet from schoolastic , ( damn ! )
- post a lot of pictures in instagram ( @ariexxn ) * follow if you don't mind :P
 bloggingg !!!

hahaa . actually many things i wanted to do more but it just out of my mind bcus im very excited right now .
hahaaa ,, it's looks possible for me to do all of these 'projects' . right ? we , as batch 99 not finish yet with our pbs ..but , who's care ? hahaaa .. no no no no , pbs still pbs , but atleast we already done with this big examination. we already struggle and do our best and finally we done .

and firstly i want to talk about exam. . dudee .. --'  don't ask me either it is simple or not . of course it is not simple as pmr ! sorry for batch 98 and others . ( please please please don't bash me .. dont throw rubbish at me ,, ) but seriously , the questions seriously HOTS ! and im very HOTS when answering all those questions. seriously ,, ! science is totally terrible . hahaa .. but it's okayh la, it's over now , so just tawakal and pray , hope that we ( pt3 candidates) will score in all subjects . AMINN !!

okay , talking about exo just now ( my to-do list ) , im very very very very very sad when heard about the bad news . Luhan was leaving exo too . After kris and now my deer Luhan ? i know it was a big impact for us ( exo l ) especially luhanstan , but nothing else we can do , we just can support , support , support and support him no matter what his descision . Actually i didn;t expect at all that Luhan will leave exo bcus i think Luhan also is the main character after Kai ( in exo m ) , hahaa , * it just my expectation * , .. but im quite mad with sm.e bcus didn't gave them ( exo members) any chance and always treat them like a robot ! that's what i think and i see when watched them on the stage ' the lost of planet ... " ( not face to face , face to phone ) , all their dancing and life just like a robot that were controling by evil sm.e . omgadd . can i shoot kim young min !

i miss luhan so much . :'(  please OT12 for ever . not just Luhan , i miss my kris too !! kris and luhan tho , both of you make a good descision to leave exo , so then you all can freedom from all the sucks thing . You guys health are more important than heartless Kim Young Min .

hahaaa .. so manyy paragraph .. okay im tired already . :) FREEDOMM . ( hahahaaa , )

- i know my english is totally broken . hahaa .. just ingore it , i hope you can understand * if you read *

Assalamuaalikum :)


Assalamualaikum and hei . Wassup . Just not in mood to update any tutorial or freebies right now . Of course you can know about what i'm feeling right now . Just 3 days more for my super dimple dgvfdhbjfsnghk holiday .. Yup , you know what ,   i'm so so so so boring stay at home without going anywhere and just wake up from my sweet dream . /lol\ and here we go , to my beloved PC , this is my 'thing' that i really need right now . For completely my dgvfdhbjfsnghk holiday . 

Actually , it just too upset because i just have 3 days more before school started , and it's will be like ... 
-______________- ughhrrrhhh !! please , can i just stay at home and watching korean drama by myself. 

But i know i can't do that , isn't ? i'm still a teenager girl and a student that must go to a school for my own future. for my OWN future . So, even i want , or don't want , i still must go to the school . And now , i think again with my simple dimple life ,,,,  go to the school by bus and friend with same girls. it just ... sucksss !! totally suck , you know. 

Okay , actually , sometimes , i know that i'm not grateful with my life and always sigh , isn't ? you even know it right now when you read this entry. But , i'm not too lazy to go to school . But i just, not ready yet . I just wanna change my life to be better than the days before i'm started my mid year holiday . Sometimes, i just thing , why my life is like this . And why ? , i'm too introvert . Always lonely . Always keep in alone and just wanna be alone . That's the problem .

I always think , to be good like someone else . sometimes , i just can smile and say to my own " why she had a good life like this ? why ? why ? why she had such of this way for her life , can i be like her ? can i ?" 

ughhhh !! i know , i'm too over to be a perfect girl in the world . I just can say , why she so perfect in my eye . But i know , i almost forget about one thing . " nobody perfect " .. Even she looks perfect in my eye , but i know, there must something that will be same like me . I just can move on with those quotes that can make me felt appreciated , that make me felt , everybody in these world , same like me . So, just think positive and don't ever ever gave up , don't ever ever lose hope to be success and just think , miracle will happen if i keep praying and keep trying , keep hardworking for my own future.

Sometimes , i know , i'm too shy to talk with others people and i know , that's my attitude .So, even i sigh , even i complain , even i says what other things about my life , it doesn't change if not i'm make a move , and make a choice to change it , am i right ?

These image , makes me conscious , why i must change my life , and don't ever ever sigh ( like this entry ) , and just move on with your own style . Don't ever ever  felt that your the awful person in this world.
I gonna try with these quotes , to change my life and make it like what i want .

Okay, when i read all of these quotes , i know that i can do it , if i had  a positive thinking .So , just thinking positive and you can do it Afrina ! Just do it until get it what you want in your life :')

I think , this is my last entry / post in this blog . I just wanna hiatus . And of course because of the big exam , PT3 . I must prepared for this exam and do my best , and hope my result will make my parents proud of me :) Hope you can praying for me .

# just ignore with my broken english . I'm not American student . I'm just trying to speak in english and improve my grammar slowly . if you think so hardly to read this entry , just translate it from google-translate . simple right ? /lols\ . i'm just a kid that batak / bajet / poyo to speak in english . HAHAA .

Assalamualaikum . :) 

Tutorial : Background bertukar tukar (TD)

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Tutorial ni bermaksud , kalau korang tekan older post ke , tekan tutorial korang ke , atau apa apa saja page dekat blog korang , background blog korang akan berubah ubah .

korang cuba la try dulu, kalau contohnya tak menjadi , mohon maaf dan fina akan cari kesilapannya :)

tapi this tutorial just for template designer sahaja .. hoho .

1.dashboard > template > edit HTML
2.macam biasa tekan triangle hitam kecil yg pertama ,
3.ctrl + f cari code ,


4.copy code bwah ni ,

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;linkkorang&quot;'>
body {
background-image: url(url background);background-position: center; background-repeat:repeat; background-attachment: fixed;

5. paste dekat bawah code yang korang cari tadi .

oren : link korang
biru : url background

# kalau korang nak buat banyak banyak , copy paste  je code step nombor 4 tu dan paste dekat atas  </style> 

( pastikan waktu korang copy lagi sekali step numbur 4 tu , korang jangan copy sekali </style> terakhir tu . ada paham ?

# misal kata bawah code ]]></b:skin> ada code lain etc , favicon ke ape ke , korang paste je code atas ni  , dekat bawah code favicon tu ... tak faham sila comment , fina terangkan secara terperinci even dah tak tahu macam mana nak terang lagi .. /lolss\ tapi tak apa fina try cuba terangkan :)

6.preview , save

Open New Tab (TD)

Assalamualaikum and annyeong :) Okay , tadi fina buat untuk blogskin , sekarang for template designer pulak . open new tab , bila kita tekan older post ke , newer post ke , or other links, dengan automatiknya dia akan bukan tab baru .
 let's start .

1.dashboard > template > edit HTML
2.ctrl + f , cari code


# pastikan korang click triangle hitam kecil pertama tu dulu sebelum search

3copy code bawah ni .

<base target='_blank'/>  

4.paste dekat bawah code yang korang cari tadi

Tutorial : Open New Tab

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Straight to the point aje lah . Maksud tutorial ni , bila kita click link , automatik dia akan terbuka dekat tab yang lain . Tak kira lah older post or newer post .

1. dashboard > template
2. cari code



3. copy code bawah ni .

<base target='_blank'/>
 4. paste dekat bawah code <head> tadi .
5. save .

# kalau nak preview tak pasti boleh appear 'keberhasilannya' ke tak .
Btw , selamat mencuba.

Tutorial : Image Hover Ber-Rainbow

Assalamualaikum and annyeong :) Tutorial seterusnya untuk buat image hover ber-rainbow pulak . Kalau korang biasa blogwalking blogwalking tu , korang selalu nampak image akan bertukar warna warni kan bila di sentuh . Look fun ?
So ? nak buat ?
follow this step .

1.dashboard > template
2.ctrl + f , cari code


3.copy code bawah ni pula

img {
filter: hue-rotate(360deg);
-webkit-filter: hue-rotate(360deg);
-moz-filter: hue-rotate(360deg);
-webkit-transition: all 0.7s linear;
-moz-transition: all 0.7s linear;
transition: all 0.7s linear;
img:hover {
filter: hue-rotate(0deg);
-webkit-filter: hue-rotate(0deg);
-moz-filter: hue-rotate(0deg);

 4. paste dekat atas code </style> tadi tu .
5.preview and save :)

Tutorial : Image Hover (Vibrate)

Assalamualaikum and annyeong :) tutor pasal image hover lagi . Image hover yang ni , apabila cursor sentuh pada gambar , it will vibrate . Kalau tak faham , korang boleh try dulu tuto ni and preview , kalau rasa suka save : )

1.dashboard > template 
2.ctrl + f , cari sama ada code ni 



3. copy code bawah ni 

var rector=3
///////DONE EDITTING///////////
var stopit=0
var a=1
function init(which){ 

4. paste bawah code tadi tu .
5. copy code bawah ni pulak .

<imgsrc="URLIMAGE"width="200"height="200"class="shakeimage"onMouseover="init(this);rattleimage()" onMouseout="stoprattle(this);top.focus()" onClick="top.focus()">
6.paste je dekat mana mana . suka hati korang . 

oren : URL image
biru : lebar image
hijau : tinggi image

Tutorial : Image hover (zoom)

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Pagi yang indah ni tiba tiba nak bagi tutorial pulak kan . Image hover ( zoom ) ni , maksudnya bila cursor sentuh gambar , automatik gambar tu akan membesar . 
Kalau tak faham , korang boleh try dulu . 

Blogskin / classic template :

1. dashboard > template 
2. ctrl + f , cari code 

template designer :

1. dashboard > template > edit html ( click triangle hitam yang pertama tu )
2. ctrl + f , cari code 

/* Header
3. copy code bawah ni  pula

img {-moz-transition: 0.5s;-webkit-transition: 0.5s;}img:hover {-moz-transform: scale(1.1);-webkit-transform: scale(1.1);-moz-transition: 0.5s;-webkit-transition: 0.5s;} 
4. paste code tadi , dekat atas code </style> atau /* Header 
5. preview and save 

Tutorial : Sidebar title background

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Straight to the point . Sidebar title background for blogskin aka denim template

1.dashboard > template > edit html
2.ctrl + f , cari code 

.sidebar h2 {

3. delete code tu dengan anak anak code dia sekali
4.gantikan dengan code bawah ni pula

border-bottom: 2px solid #8A4B08;
border-top: 2px solid #8A4B08;background: url (URL BG);margin: 1.6em 0 .5em;padding: 4px 5px;font-size: 12px;font-family: Verdana;letter-spacing:1px;text-align:center;color: #000;}   

5.preview & save

Yellow : Tebal border
Blue : Warna border
Green : Solid / Dashed / Dotted
Pink : URL Background
Orange : Saiz font
Purple : Jenis font

Tutorial : Sidebar Title background

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Ni cara cara untuk buat sidebar title background . ( jangan confuse , ni bukan letak image title background ye )

this tutorial just for template designer only ,okeh 

1.dashboard > template > edit html
2.ctrl + f , cari code

h2 {

3.delete code tu dgn ank anak code tu sekali
4.gantikan dengan code bawah ni

border-bottom: 2px solid #8A4B08;
border-top: 2px solid #8A4B08;background: url (URL BG);margin: 1.6em 0 .5em;padding: 4px 5px;font-size: 12px;font-family: Verdana;letter-spacing:1px;text-align:center;color: #000; 

5.preview and save

Yellow : Tebal border
Blue : Warna border
Green : Solid / Dashed / Dotted
Pink : URL Background
Orange : Saiz font
Purple : Jenis font

Tutorial : Post title background

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Teruskan dengan tutorial yang kedua untuk malam ni . Tadi untuk template designer , sekarang for denim template aka blogskin .

1.dashboard > template > edit html 
2.ctrl + f , cari code 

.post-title {

3. delete code tu dengan anak anak code dia sekali .
4. gantikan dengan code bawah ni 

border-bottom: 2px solid #8A4B08;
border-top: 2px solid #8A4B08;background: url (URL BG);margin: 1.6em 0 .5em;padding: 4px 5px;font-size: 12px;font-family: Verdana;letter-spacing:1px;text-align:center;color: #000; 

5. preview & save

Yellow : Tebal border
Blue : Warna border
Green : Solid / Dashed / Dotted
Pink : URL Background
Orange : Saiz font
Purple : Jenis font

Tutorial : Post title background

* omg , i love your hair this time *

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Maaflah tiba tiba menayangkan gambar bias fina di entry ni . Tapi fina puas hati dengan gambar yang fina jumpa .xD /lolss\ ape yang fina cuba cakapkan ni pun fina tak faham ..
Fina dah lama tak buat tutorial , tiba tiba malam ni terajin pulak enn .. mungkin ramai yang dah tahu , not mungkin , tapi memang .. HAHAA ..

okay, tutorial ni for template designer sahaja .

Template designer :

1. dashboard > template > edit html
2. tekan ctrl + f cari code bawah ni, .comments h4 {

3.delete code tu dgn ank ank code tu
4. gantikan dengan code dengan bawah ni

border-bottom: 2px solid #8A4B08;
border-top: 2px solid #8A4B08;
background: url (URL BG);margin: 1.6em 0 .5em;padding: 4px 5px;font-size: 12px;font-family: Verdana;letter-spacing:1px;text-align:center;color: #000;

5. preview & save

Yellow : Tebal border
Blue : Warna border
Green : Solid / Dashed / Dotted
Pink : URL Background
Orange : Saiz font
Purple : Jenis font

Awesome Rara Deluxe Giveaway

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The lost planet EXO

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Yehet !! Okay , i think ,all exostans know (even other stans ) know about this consert , THE LOST PLANET EXO . and of course exo planet there .. i think , need not to much talk about this issue because i know already know about it . BTW , i just wanna to share something . interesting for me and for kyungsoo-stans :D


Okay , okay okay . i miss kris oppa . :'( 

omg ~~~ DO dance " machine" was totally awesome + daebak .. ^^

he had a nice voice , okay . melting . /lols\ 

Okay , this is to much ! KAISOO , CHANSOO .. but i most like kaisoo :D wehee .. btw ,i'm very sad bcus their hyung ( kris) not gather with them .

So smart !!!! i love his dance
moonlight xD 

i think , that's all from me , actually many video can you watch in youtube , i just can find out these videos for you that i think good and clear for watching ^^ 

Assalamuaalikum , thank you :D 

Liebster Award (3 Person )

Assalamualaikum . Liebster award again . but i'm sorry i can't follow the rule " tagged 11 people " bcus i don't know to whom i want to tag it . :) sorry . i just can answer the questions only .

This from HANA ( Already late to reply this ,)

1. Your comment about One Direction band. 
- I think not bad , this group also quite good like others .

2. What animal you would be if you're in Hogward.
- owl , same as harry potter

3. Which one do you prefer, Man with clean face or mustache or beard or mustache +  beard? Why?
-clean face . bcus i don't like man with beard neither mustache .

4. What type of children that you would slap right on his/her face. *heartless question sorry*
-annoying person maybe . but not children lah , 

5. If you could see the future, what woulf you hope to see yourself doing in 5 years?
-a doctor and success in my life

6. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs? 
- i don;t know . You can ask their manager .

7. If London Bridge is still standing why is there a song about it falling down? 
-i don;t know .. sorry . :( 

8. What would you do if you could be invisible for one whole day?

9. Do you think you’re attractive? Prove it.
- maybe not to attrative but . boleh laa~~ idk how to prove it .. 

10. What would people hear if they could read your mind? 
-about so maybe liebster award .

11. If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would it be?
- idk .. hahaa .. ( nobody perfect )

Questions from Deana :

Describe your self 
-- introvert person . maybe i'm too attractive in blogging , facebook,twitter etc ( sosial webs ) but not in reallity

Who is your bias . Tell me about him/her .
--- bias ? i'm kpoppers . And of course i'm exotic, exostan, exoplanet member, and my bias is Kyung Soo

Are you a kpoper ? If yes , which kpop group do you love most ? Tell me about them 
----Yurp , i'm kpopper . Of course EXO .. Idk how to describe them. I just love them maybe bcus of their attitude when cooperate with each other.  EXO is the group that very work hard to achieve their ambition ( to be a shining star in the world ) , they always help each other and that's why i love them . ( i'm not saying that other groups not good , but i love them (EXO) aslo because of their performance(s) 

If your bias ask you for a date, where do you wanna go for your date ?
------i don;t know. maybe i just reject him bcus . I know our limit . I Still think about my religion , i'm muslim and he cristian , so ... so like that lah . hahaha

Do you have a wish ? Tell me your big dream 
-----many . and of course success for our life and the hereafter. 

Do you wanna go to Japan / Korea / China ? Tell me why 
----Korea . Because i want to go to Nami Island . That place is soo yephudaa.

What is your favourite song ? Why ?
-----EXO song . All . Because i love their song . Not i mean their voice .. 

Do you like someone (not your bias) ? Tell me about him / her 
----secret . lolx

What do you want for your birthday present ?
----many . IPHONE .. that's my wish . but i know i can't get it . lmao, but seriously 

If haters say to you something bad about your bias/bf , what will you do 
----- flying kick . /easily \ - like jongkook oppa -

What do you think about my blog ? Tell me if I need some improvement for my blog 
---- i think , you don't need to improve anything bcus ur blog is okay right now .

Questions from Aisyah 1 ;'
1. Do you like your school / work / home ? . Why 
- home ( home sweet home)

2. Do you think your life burden you a lot?
-not to much .  life is our responsiblity that Allah gave to us ( muslims)

3. How much time you use to do your hobby? XD
- i don;t hv any time bcus of exam and pt3 .. 

4. Shame of something?
-HAHAA .. yes . but something ~~~ 

5. What your favourite songs?
- exo song . All 

6. Its already 12p.m, and yet you still wake, then suddenly you heard a weird noise and never heard before, how do you act?
- i just take the comforter and close my eye closely .

7. What do you do when you feel someone stalk you?
-just let it go . just stalk lah, what can i do ?

8. What do you feel when your beloved things gone or be stolen?
- angry plus sad .

9. Some things can be settle alone, but somes not? It is right? Why?
- yurp . bcus sometimes , we must do some work together and with others help . 

10. Do you always doing crazy things?
- always.

11. I like to laugh, do you? lol xD
of course .. :D kita gang . sepp 

Questions from Aisyah :

1-Apakah nama samaran anda atau nama panggilan yang sering disebut oleh kawan-kawan atau keluarga anda ?
- Afrina . 

2-Ulangtahun kelahiran ke berapa yang paling anda tidak dapat lupakan . kenapa ?
- I don't remember it specific but when i'm still under 12 years old. i got many present . :D

3-Kenangan disekolah yang anda tidak dapat lupakan .
- many . The most in primary school :D i miss that time.

4-Kalau anda diberi peluang untuk bercuti , kemanakah destinasi pilihan anda ? Kenapa ?
- Kota Suci Makkah , Korea and Paris . Bcus i like these places .

5-Anda lebih gemar artis KPOP atau Indon atau Malay atau selain daripada artis KPOP , Indon dan Malay ? Kenapa ?
- kpop . bcus i love their song . :D ^^ 

6-Beri pendapat anda tentang blog saya .
- Your blog is toooooooooooooooooooo cute . I like the header (0f course ) ^^ 

7-Kalau anda kaya , apakah tindakan anda untuk memanfaatkan kekayaan anda ?
- i buy anything . /lmao\  - so greedlah me .-

8-Dalam ahli keluarga anda , siapakah yang paling rapat dengan anda ? Berikan alasan .
-my mom and my sister.

9-Gambarkan sahabat baik anda .
- i can't gv it sory .

10-Jika anda mempunyai peluang atau kuasa untuk putarkan masa , waktu bilakah yang anda pilih ? Mengapa ?
- idk . maybe since i'm at kindergarten . 

11-Sejak bila anda berblogging ? Kenapa anda berblogging ?
-  since 2010 or 2011 , not sure .