The lost planet EXO

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo . Yehet !! Okay , i think ,all exostans know (even other stans ) know about this consert , THE LOST PLANET EXO . and of course exo planet there .. i think , need not to much talk about this issue because i know already know about it . BTW , i just wanna to share something . interesting for me and for kyungsoo-stans :D


Okay , okay okay . i miss kris oppa . :'( 

omg ~~~ DO dance " machine" was totally awesome + daebak .. ^^

he had a nice voice , okay . melting . /lols\ 

Okay , this is to much ! KAISOO , CHANSOO .. but i most like kaisoo :D wehee .. btw ,i'm very sad bcus their hyung ( kris) not gather with them .

So smart !!!! i love his dance
moonlight xD 

i think , that's all from me , actually many video can you watch in youtube , i just can find out these videos for you that i think good and clear for watching ^^ 

Assalamuaalikum , thank you :D 

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