Assalamualaikum .  Hmm , rasa nak luahkan semua bende dekat blog ni . Apa yang di pendam selama ni . Tapi tak tertaip . Tak tau macam mana nak ungkapkan perasaan ni . Bila nak luahkan mesti rasa nak delete balik. Idky , but seriously, i have a miserable life . 


Let me introduce you , my bias . Sunggyu from infinite. Hahaha ,, idky he can become my bias. Maybe because his voice and good personalities . Im a new inspirit and just only 1 year "with" them . So , that's mean i know sunggyu just only for 1 year (eventho he never and wont ever know me. Im so done ) .

But when i know more about him . I just though that , his life as same as me .. u know , sunggyu is very attractive , and funny in variety show , in stage , consert . But in 4things show , he story about his life and i was like " eh , we both same! " 

idky , but i think even tho in variety show , he looks happy, funny and many people loves him , in his real life , he's actually felt lonely , need some one to talk to . what can i say is , he just as same as me . 
maybe people thinks ,i have many friends , i know a lot of people . but u know what, not all people that i know are my friend. i always lonely , and people think , im okay with that . and just ignore me .

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