Assalamualaikum and annyeong haseyo .. actually still miss to update in this blog . Btw , i can't online everytime like last year .. very freedom ,,, haha,, actually not too ,, PBS still on .. but , this year ,, i must more concentrate with my study because of the BIG EXAM = PBSMR that i must occupy ... btw , this exam not easy like i think .. i think ,  PBSMR just like UPSR , that is just 4 subjects that i must pass.. but ,,, i totally wrong .. actually PBSMR is toooooooooo  complicated then i think .. and it's too difficult then PMR , okay .. !!!! All the questions just like to kill me and all my batchh .. seriously ..

all my teachers said that " all the questions , they get from HOTS , i think all of my batch '99' know what is meaning of that ..  .. high order thinking skills..  okay actually this entry not to discuss and share with you all about PBSMR or HOTS .. but , like you see at the above picture .. i must hiatus for awhile .. but i don't know until when .. i think , i'll stop for share my tutorial or freebies too because that's no time to online .. but i think , just for awhile .. because i always miss to update in my simple dimple blog... hahahaxxx..

Actually , i don't know , why i must do such this hiatus entry .. lolss.. like DIVA , that's squeezes like a popular girl , you know... haha ,, i think nobody know me and nobody care about me , even i want to hiatus or not , just not to annoy anybody , that's enough i think .. hahahax .... 

And sorry , because i can't blogwalking like always .. i think, all of you will pray for my happiness /.. hehe :) 

Thank you for reading.. btw , don't even mind about my broken english,grammar , vocabulary or others such an english false... 

Assalamualaikum :) May Allah bless you all ,,,

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