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Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo :)  ahaa ,, hiatus , and then private .. and now back with a new new new skin . with simple dimple skin . actually , this is not blogskin anymore , and now i'm trying to use template designer or else denim template .. Okay and now, i know how difficult it is .. and i think, blogskin is more easier then denim template .. and with my patient , with 1 WEEK , and .. tadaaa ~~ what do you think ?

Simple ? yurp .. i just can do this simple skin because .. actually , not the first time i'm use template designer , but that's a loonggggg time ago , so i forgot already how to edit it again, and when i used blogskin, i think , it more easy and i just change my denim template to blogskin with no hesitate .

And now, i'm just trying to change back into denim template . And i think, all the tutorial , with the most helped --> Kak Wanaseoby <-- because she had more tutorials about denim template and she had a beautiful and cute skin .. actually, a long ago, i guess, Kak Wana used blogskin, but i'm totally wrong . i think she is a DAEBAKK girl you know.

You know what, actually , the point i wanted to change my blog into template designer because, i dissatisfaction with my skin ,, actually , i wanted edited my blog, with my own efforts even with others helped like i say just now , but i learned from her :) And actually, i proud of my self.. kekeke .. batak maybe ?

okay, actually nothing to say , but i hope you will visited my blog again and again okay , :) btw, pray for me , pray for my exam that was had on mac :) Gomawo , Assalamualaikum . :)

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