Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyoooo  !!! Kay kay kay seriously excited ! maigad maigaddd .. hahaaa .. picture up there shows everything . FREEDOMM !!! say whaaatt ?? FREEDOMMM !! hahahaa .. lol

freedom from what ? 

what else ? PT3 is over !! so i can release tension w/ everything that i cant do before . 

Sounds crazy right ? lol , that's me . And seriously im very tension with this big examination , PT3 . So, today , starts from today , i hv planned to do everything that i can't do before .

- watching korean drama
- watching my fav variety shows ' running man ' , 'weekly idol' 'roommate' apinkshowtime' and many !!
- sleep ( yeah ? im not sleep-well bcus of pt3 tho )
- exo exo exo exo exo
- kyung soo kyung soo kyung soo
- the fault in our star's book doesn't reach yet from schoolastic , ( damn ! )
- post a lot of pictures in instagram ( @ariexxn ) * follow if you don't mind :P
 bloggingg !!!

hahaa . actually many things i wanted to do more but it just out of my mind bcus im very excited right now .
hahaaa ,, it's looks possible for me to do all of these 'projects' . right ? we , as batch 99 not finish yet with our pbs ..but , who's care ? hahaaa .. no no no no , pbs still pbs , but atleast we already done with this big examination. we already struggle and do our best and finally we done .

and firstly i want to talk about exam. . dudee .. --'  don't ask me either it is simple or not . of course it is not simple as pmr ! sorry for batch 98 and others . ( please please please don't bash me .. dont throw rubbish at me ,, ) but seriously , the questions seriously HOTS ! and im very HOTS when answering all those questions. seriously ,, ! science is totally terrible . hahaa .. but it's okayh la, it's over now , so just tawakal and pray , hope that we ( pt3 candidates) will score in all subjects . AMINN !!

okay , talking about exo just now ( my to-do list ) , im very very very very very sad when heard about the bad news . Luhan was leaving exo too . After kris and now my deer Luhan ? i know it was a big impact for us ( exo l ) especially luhanstan , but nothing else we can do , we just can support , support , support and support him no matter what his descision . Actually i didn;t expect at all that Luhan will leave exo bcus i think Luhan also is the main character after Kai ( in exo m ) , hahaa , * it just my expectation * , .. but im quite mad with sm.e bcus didn't gave them ( exo members) any chance and always treat them like a robot ! that's what i think and i see when watched them on the stage ' the lost of planet ... " ( not face to face , face to phone ) , all their dancing and life just like a robot that were controling by evil sm.e . omgadd . can i shoot kim young min !

i miss luhan so much . :'(  please OT12 for ever . not just Luhan , i miss my kris too !! kris and luhan tho , both of you make a good descision to leave exo , so then you all can freedom from all the sucks thing . You guys health are more important than heartless Kim Young Min .

hahaaa .. so manyy paragraph .. okay im tired already . :) FREEDOMM . ( hahahaaa , )

- i know my english is totally broken . hahaa .. just ingore it , i hope you can understand * if you read *

Assalamuaalikum :)

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