2017, means another year to start a new chapter in my life.
I know i sound cliche , but yeah . I start to think about my new moto for this new year too, ( generally , usual like past year) .

Dont low confident ,
dont over confident.
Im basically know who i am . And im kinda hate myself sometimes. Oh wait, can i just delete the word sometimes when actually, multiple times that i hate myself  . 
I always thought myself , for love myself, please be confident in life, dont overthinking about something that not even suppose to be afraid of . Ugh ,,,

So, i have that kind of thinking . Hate myself, low confident level, low self-esteem, overthinking about something.

So,this 2017, i want to make opposite of my flaws which is , confident,try to love myself more, try to accept everything aka fate , about something that i dislike to do, stop overthinking and start think positive and push away all negative vibes around me, 

Yeah, actually aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku ni jenis yang suka cari masalah even tak ada pun masalah tu, but, tulah, this year i want to change myself, ... 

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