2017 , just nonsense

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

-nothing special . Just pretty bored new year. Kill my times by re-watching anime ' my  youth romantic comedy is wrong as expected .' // home alone ,

-Got a new inspiration to write(type) my thought , aka to improve my english in this  blog.

-Start thinking about my future , probably because i hv end my life as a high school student last month .

-How i am going to do , ? University ? Diploma ? Of course , im suppose to make a move , i meant , (decide from now,) what career , or else what course should i take , and what im interest with . It's much more harder when im start thinking about career/ work maybe 10 years later . (too long ?) 

-Just though about how im gonna make it  as  a university student .

- Being adult is not easier , so, i prefer high school life much more. But i know i cant reset time and get back to the time i start my form 1 high school life. 

- How stupid i am , i know. 

- Im not really confident with my self. Im coward and i know it. Sometimes i tried motivated my self, not overthinking about something that shouldn't suppose to be worried of, but yeah . 
I dont know how to overcome it . 

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