Continue degree or stay diploma ?

Dear blog . Today update this post just by using handphone bcause now im in my car rn. Just using ny maxis data.

Dont ask me why I desperately update my blog so sudden 😂😂 because i really hv no idea why.

Back to the main story here. Actlly, i hv some idea when i ternenung in this car. I think abt my future . I think everyone know abt in our globally world rn, degree not so much important, im sorry , but i dont mean 'not important , but more to the cant easy got job like the person who have only diploma.

So , straight to the point is, diploma student easily got job more than degree student.

But after i read itsteme book , arkitek jalanan, i made up my mind , i still want to continue my studies and study more harder/smarter .

Bacause ....

Its either we smart or really smart to get a job.
Those people that got a job are those who have diploma , or really smart to hv degree.

I want to be a person who hv degree , so to get a job i want to hv degree with quality so that i can get a job.

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