Hello December .

Assalamualaikum  and Annyeong haseyo :) Today is the nice day isn't ? And i know, today's date is 1.12.2013 !!! Hello December :) Haa,, so faster !! After this month, just waiting for 1 month aka 31 days , we have to go to the school again. My high school .. ~~ 1 month , i just relax at home, and sitting infront of my pc . Nothing  that i can do. Not go anywhere like travel,trip .. i just stay, stay, stay at home. Such a boring month .

That's normal situation as a student. When school time,want to holidays,,,,,when holiday time,want to school.
I'm so boring be at home. Not go anywhere. And my pc is my bestfriend now .. hahax .. But Otherwise, December is a busy month also, we must get ready for our schooling for next year isn't .. everybody want new school uniform right ? want all NEW isn't ?? hahahax .. anw, sometimes, i so scary to go to the next year. Maybe didn;t ready yet . But RUNNING TIME , so , we also must go on. :)

Okay,lah brb , i need to go. :) Assalamualaikum. And last says, have a nice day along december month okay :) Don't waste ur time :)

#sorryforbrokenenglish--- i'm trying my best to improve my english .. :'(

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