Heavy blog.

Assalamualaikum and haii :) actually nothing that i want to write but last day i saw someone comment about my blog. he say's , now my blog is quite heavy ,, but it's okay , i think so .. so now i just put an important things such as followers, blog archive and cbox ..... and  maybe some introduction from me . Ask.fm i didn't put it right now because i'm not active with ask.fm but only at twitter  .. oh btw , i don't know want to 'get out' what things anymore because i think all that i put right now is quite imporant for bloggers and for me  too . any suggestion for me ?

btw, i check my blog to see how heavy my blog, but alhamdullilah less than 100 kb :)
and maybe some of you don't see my followers widget but when you look at left and you can see it . :) Kay lah , nothing more :) Assalamualaikum , thanks for comment about my blog :)

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