TENSION !! Bw , Tuntut Hadiah ~

Assalamualaikum and hye :) Okay , miss this blog very much .. even just for seven days not updated ... .. i think like seven YEARS !! wkwkwkwkwk ... seriously ! Btw , now i have a mood to update my blog because i'm very tension right now. Tension with everything that misrable. Okay , sometimes life is misrable and sometimes was otherwise. And of course , every person, each person has their own problems and me too .

Okay, just for 7 days , but i felt like 7 years, you know .. i don't know why i'm become like this , this year .. actually ,last year i'm too happy when i can go to school .But not this year.. i'm felt very misrable .. ohhh TENSION !! i don' know why , every days i'm back from school, my face look's like moody , have a big problems ...

Hmmm ... i don't know how to explain my situation right now ... i'm very hope that i'll release my tension soon and not more stress stress .. /lols\ .. << i don't know why i'm still laughing although it's just typing ..

Oh ya ,,, before i'm forgot .. that's anybody not 'tuntut hadiah' for giveaway ?? i'm so sorry , i'm so busy right now and i almost forgot about the giveaway .. for the Aini  , can you give me the characteristic's header that you want from me .. Insya-Allah i will do it quickly ..

i'm so sorry ... i almost forgot about it ..

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