Assalamualaikum and annyeong :) Okay, maybe today i'm too excited even the special day is last night.
What special day ?? Actually today is a special day also .. why ? yoseob birthday's .. nanno mollayo ? okay , go to the uncle google and search for ' yoseob profile' you can see the truth .

 Btw , this entry not to talk about him .. ehehehe , anw , yoseob oppa !! saeng-il chugha haeyo ... hehe .. okay biane .. don't present to you .

oh ye , continue with the title .. last day , my mother, my sister, my brother and of course i .. go to Aeon Station 18 at Ipoh , Perak . Maybe on 2:00 pm like that laa ... and like we all know , there was audition for Bintang Mencari Bintang (BMB) ... okay, and of course we go there for that audition .. opps.. not to join and try for Bintang Mencari bintang.. but just to see only . want to see who try to join BMB ... and when we arrived there,,, the audition still taked time to rest for a while , and the time we go for shopping .. lailailai .. and on 3:30 the BMB audition's start .. and guess what ???

Gang of TAPAW (BMB) also came ... wahhh ... hahaha .. and u know what , until 2:00 pm and until 6:30 like that we watch the audition .. some of that was funny and some of the person hmmm .... mean , not funny at all . kak ogy was there for became a jury  also says like that .. not funny at all ..

and the audition end until 6:30 and before we all back , we snap some picture of tapaw.....  And 

/lols\ not to see my face but see the both of them .
Hahahaa .... 

Bintang mencari bintang .. tentedengg ..

okay actually have many more picture that we take and some of them are video .. but i'm think, not need to put it here .. hehe :) Oh okay , , Assalamualaikum .

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  1. I thought u were theree as a participant. Hee ;)

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