Tutorial : Get Link image from computer for template

Assalamualaikum and annyeong.. Okay, actually i don't know how specific the tuto is .. but this tuto is my style .. i'm godek godek and think and think .. so, maybe not to smart to do it .. like i say , this tuto not to specific like pro ,, hehee ..

btw , this tutorial mean , you get the link (e.g http://blablabla.com/lols/sfgfhj/png.) or else url .. and you get the image form you computer and want put it into ur template .. Template designer or classic ..

Okay, let's start
dashboard > new post > * don't update any post *

click image and search the image from you computer ..
okay, and will appear like this ..
after that , when the image appear on the post ...

and then , take the url like this ..
okay , and then go to the template and put it at where you want ... actually, like me ,, i use it for header , cursor or sometime else .. :)  btw,
DON'T RE-TUTO okay, :) this is my idea and hope don't copy cats anything especially without my permission . ..

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  1. assalamualaikum :)

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