Tutorial : Image on post, don't have a link

Assalamualaikum and annyeong . Hmm, actually this tutorial for avoid people to copy and paste our picture to their blog . and re-freebies or re-tuto , or else meant, COPY-CATS .. and to avoid it , don't put a link at the image of tutorial that you make. How ?  just a very simple ..

1. dashboard > new post *update anythings you want *
2.put a image in the post and click the image ..

3. 3. click link, and don't put any link ..

DONE ! Assalamualaikum .


  1. Hermm.. Afrina ! Macam mane nak cari gambar gerak-gerak tu ?

  2. Gambar gerak gerak biasanya dekat tumblr , boleh search dkat google insya-Allah keluar .


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